"She's eating roses on toast with tulip butter"

Praying for her mirror to stay young;
On its no longer gilted surface
This message she has scrawled:
‘O somewhere between Heaven and Woolworth’s
I live I love I scold
I keep kingfishers in their cages
And goldfish in their bowls.’

(Brian Patten)

Please answer


I am auditioning for my school’s talent show. I am stuck between Shik Shak Shok or Trip the Darkness from Lacuna Coil. What do you think?

If it’s only betweeen those two, then go for Shik Shak Shok! It’s overplayed in dance circles, but general audiences tend to love it. It also allows you to show off different aspects of the dance (slow/oozy/introvert vs. quick/playful/extrovert). In short, it’s a song you can really enjoy and that your audience might enjoy too.

Finally, and most importantly, Shik Shak Shok is actually Middle Eastern Music. I’m not sure what the other song is.

Just my advice! Good luck!